Tchefuncta families cherish the simple beauty of life among the trees and along the river as St. Tammany residents did for generations. Homes in Tchefuncta Club Estates are placed on large wooded lots off winding lanes. Surrounded by 460 acres of dedicated green space the neighborhood’s personality is direct reflection of the beauty and nature that thrives throughout this unique Northshore community.

Enjoying life on the water is one of the many advantages of Tchefuncta Club Estates. The private deep water Marina at TCE has over 60 covered slips with lifts and dry storage on the beautiful Tchefuncte River
  Lake emfred  
Formed by an ox-bow of the Tchefuncte River, Lake Emfred is one of the many treasures found within Tchefuncta Club Estates. The lake was named Emfred to honor EMma and AlFRED Suter the original owners of the land that is now the Estates. The lake forms a natural harbor with a seven-foot channel into the Tchenfucte River. Because it is privately owned by TCE, the use of Lake Emfred is reserved solely for the homeowners of the Estates.

Shaded by cypress and pines Lake Emfred provides many ways for Estates residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. In the park area near the lake, parents and children gather to romp on the playground equipment. A picnic and bbq area along the shoreline offers beautiful views to be enjoyed while eating. The boat launch in the park provides access to lovely Lake Emfred, the Tchefuncte river, Lake Ponchartrain and wherever the wind and water may take you.

Since the earliest days of Tchefuncta Club Estates, horses and horseback riding have been a part of this unique community. The original “Red Barn” stood as a symbol of what makes the Estates such a special place to live. It was home to over 20 horses and hosted many horse shows, dances, picnics and parties. When the structure was destroyed by fire, in 2006, the residents of TCE immediately began planning for a new barn to replace the long-standing landmark and resource.

Plans are being finalized for a new high quality barn. The site plans include a riding rink and new pasture areas. This new and improved version of the beloved red barn will ensure first class grazing for the equine residents of Tchefuncta Club Estates and an opportunity for residents to once again enjoy this pastoral view of life.

  wildlife & fishing  
Nature is preserved and cherished within the confines of Tchefuncta Club Estates. Miles of trails track through acres of woodlands that have remained untouched for generations. Follow a nature trail to the scenic overlook on the bluff above the Slaughter Ox-Bow and pause to contemplate the quiet beauty. Around every turn you’ll discover designated green space that defines the native character of the Estates. Fully stocked fishing ponds provide anglers from beginner to expert with opportunities to test their fishing skills. Much of Tchefuncta Club Estates remains as it was over half a century ago, with towering pines and majestic oaks forming a canopy of green over a neighborhood of unparalleled beauty.
  seasonal traditions  
Celebrations are an important part of life in Tchefuncta Club Estates. Friends and family gather as a community to celebrate each season with parades, picnics and parties. Fireworks light up the night sky over the golf course for the annual July 4th celebration. Costumed children eagerly await the “Boo At The Barn” Halloween party every October. Everyone is happy to greet Santa Claus when he makes a special trip to The Estates for the Christmas Parade. Each generation of residents adds to the neighborhood traditions making wonderful memories for the families of Tchefuncta Club Estates.